An Incomplete List of All the Things I'm Going to Miss When the World is No Longer:

          Following a global announcement of the date and time all life on Earth will be terminated, a group of friends decide the only reasonable thing to do is throw one more rager. An Incomplete List... invites you to the last shit show of the year to celebrate and mourn the delights and deceptions of the personal human experience. We’ve all been through a range of emotion that no one understands but you, so we figured it’d be nice to go out with a bang. Take from this experience what you will, for life will love and embrace you just the same. PS, there will be drugs.

Photos on this page by Paola Nogueras, Larry Barnes and Colin Sass.

AN INCOMPLETE LIST OF ALL THE THINGS I'M GOING TO MISS WHEN THE WORLD IS NO LONGER: is a script that I found engrossing and permeable. It's a play that I could visualize while reading and would be so excited to see what an artistic team and cast would create on stage. A play about death and the end of the world that truly subverts expectations. I laughed out loud, was moved emotionally and will continue to think about this beautiful work.” - Heather Meyer

— New Play Exchange



An Incomplete List of All the Things I’m Going to Miss When the World is No Longer: was first produced as a play with music in the 2017 Philadelphia Fringe Festival it was performed in the Gershman Y Blackbox Theater, and produced with: Adrianna Lombardi, Madison Youngblood, Larry Barnes, Joshua Farner, Amy Smith, Daniel Jones, McKenna Kelley, Alyssa Batsakis, Patrick Campbell, Matthew Donzella, Terran Scott, Marlee Gordon, Genevieve Farbe, and Max Van Kooy. With Special Thanks to: Meg Walsh and David Howey. The show was later developed into a musical and remounted at The Alvina Krause Theatre, home of the Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble. This production was produced with: Rebecca Thomas, Colin Sass, Hannah Sandler, Daniel Jones, Phenon Murphy, Alyssa Batsakis, Patrick Campbell, Matthew Donzella, Terran Scott, Marlee Gordon, and Max Van Kooy. With Special Thanks to: Amy Smith, Jon White-Spunner, A’njulean Kirchner, Michael Yerges, Genevieve Farbe, Richard Cannaday and the BTE family. The musical was then put into workshop and development at The University of the Arts. This week-long workshop was developed with: Garrett Allen, Rebecca Thomas, Cameron Farrell, Emma Pillow, Kashmir Autumn Reed, Briana Gause, Marlee Gordon, Matthew Donzella, Devon Lynch, and Zac Bacarro.  In 2019, the show continued development at The University of the Arts as part of the 2019 Polyphone New & Emerging Musical Festival at The Wilma Theater. This production will be under the Direction of Garrett Allen, with Movement by Shavon Norris, Dramaturgy by Amy Dugas Brown and Music Direction by Dante Green. Cast and production team includes: Yoonjung Park, Alex Werthauer, Adam Butz-Weidner, Lincoln Millard, Trey Krause, Victoria Rodriguez, BJ Thompson, Mary Callahan, Julia Fegles, Hallie Nowicki, Rose Slavin, Eli Melmon, John McDermott, Monique Chambers, Gabriella Amiet, Natalie Crane, Madeline Barton, Bella Main, Maddie Kreitzburg, Erisa Pikuli, Layne Lazor, Cameren Sullivan, Anna Schneider, Angela Toich, Seo Yeon Park, Cole Suspic, Tammy Comegys, LeVonne Lindsay, Jem Rubin, Natalie Robin, Bless Rudisill, Amanda Hanna, and Matt Groeneveld. Later that year, ...When the World is No Longer: was submitted and accepted to Ars Nova’s All New Talent Festival in Midtown, NYC. Garrett Allen continued as the production director, Lyell Hintz rejoined the project as full-on projections designer, and the cast and team included: Dante Green as Peter, Alex Bechtel, Aigner Mizelle, Steven Elijah Primero, Briyana D. Clarel, Leigha Kato, Patrick Campbell, Jess Johnson, and Rose Slavin. An Incomplete List of All the Things I’m Going to Miss When the World is No Longer: is a musical with Book, Music, and Lyrics by Dante Green, and additional Music and Lyrics by Lyell Hintz. Since it's sold out run at Ars Nova, the show has been feature at New York Theater Barn's New Work Series, with acoustic performances by Laura Galindo, and in Summer 2021, the show will be produced in partnership with Legacy Black Queer Production Collective & The Makers' Ensemble.