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Dante Green's style is angular, modern, and unique.” - Kelly Bedard

— My Entertainment World

[Dante] is excellent. Fluid, fresh, a gorgeous musical sensibility, and a kindness and gentle love of humanity that permeates the work.” - Laura Hall

— Uproar Theatrics

I marvel at how [Dante Green] can hold hope and despair, fear and love, longing and contentment in the same hand."” - Amy Dugas Brown

— The University of the Arts

   Dante Green is pioneering a new path for the next prominent Black Queer American multi-hyphenate. They are looking to ignite challenging conversations in the theater-- conversations around race, gender, and climate through directing, performing, writing, and composing. Dante’s artistic endeavors dive deep into those conversations “and what I’m trying to do is I’m trying to explore the cosmic human condition-- this world we live in, right? This world we are living and breathing in where everybody's just pretending to know what they're doing.” Dante likes to use specificity in simplicity, and they’re primarily interested in meeting both the artists they collaborate with and the audiences they engage with where they're at.  

        Dante’s work is often driven by an intense passion for indescribable, inarticulable affection, the space between that creates an insurmountable force, vulnerable humans who experience that depth and extremity of emotion, and the relationship between the two. Dante’s work is often based on imagery or spatial dynamics that they obsess over and materialize with the people that they’re closest to and the people they want to be close to. Using sound often as an artery for their work, Dante tries to invent new, magical, and sometimes whimsical perspectives that the ear might find familiar, and always want to linger. 



Dante Green (they/he/she) is a Black, Queer, multi-hyphenate born and raised in rural Pennsylvania. They are an alumnus of The Headlong Performance Institute as well as The University of the Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Directing, Playwriting, and Production focused on writing and directing for Musical Theatre. Dante is the Founding Artistic Director of the evolving company The Makers' Ensemble, which recently acquired its very own flex performance/rehearsal space in Bushwick. Dante is a Network of Ensemble Theaters member, a Princess Grace Award Finalist, and the inaugural BIPOC Emerging Artist Initiative Fellow at Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble. Dante's work has been seen at Ars Nova, Pig Iron Theater Company, FringeArts, and other places. Dante has worked internationally with companies such as The Public Theater, Virgin Voyages, Lantern Theater Company, Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival, The Assembly, and others. When Dante isn't working professionally, they are an Instructor of Theater at Wesleyan University, New York University, and Sheridan College in Toronto, Canada. Website: Instagram: @dantemgreen