Reimagining music and musical theatre.

  "I marvel at how [Dante Green] can hold hope and despair,

                                               fear and love, longing and contentment in the same hand." 

- Amy Dugas Brown, The University of the Arts


          As a black, queer, writer, composer, director, curator, and facilitator, Dante Green's artistic endeavors dive deep into the cosmic condition of living and breathing in a world where everybody's just pretending to know what they're doing. Using specificity in simplicity, Dante's interested in meeting you and meeting you where you’re at. Their work is driven by an intense passion for indescribable, inarticulable affection, vulnerable humans, and the relationship between the two. Their work is often based on imagery or spatial dynamics that they obsess over and materialize with the people that they're closest to and the people they want to be close to.

          "Personally, I believe it's much more satisfying and sophisticated when artistic work is filled with the  experiences of not just me, but the multiplicities of experience for everyone in the room."  While doing this, Dante aims to capture a kind of universality that can be felt, more so than explained. Using sound as an artery for their work, Dante invents new, always magical, sometimes whimsical perspectives that the human ear might find familiar, and always want to linger. Through all of this, they're interested in the cutting precision of dense storytelling and the ever-hovering provocation of trying to get/say/do the things you want. You might feel like a child again, even for a few minutes. You might feel twice the age you walked in, and who knows, hopefully, you’ll feel a sense of something different about the world and quite possibly learn something new about yourself and the people around you along the way.


Dante Green (they/he/she) is an alumnus of The University of the Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Directing, Playwriting, and Production, focused on writing and directing for Musical Theatre. They are also an alumnus of Headlong Performance Institute. Dante is the Founding Artistic Director of the evolving company The Makers' Ensemble, a member of the Network of Ensemble Theaters, a member of the bicoastal company FoolsFury, and an affiliate member of Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble. Dante's work has been seen at places including Ars Nova, Painted Bride Art Center, Pig Iron Theater Company, FringeArts, and Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble. Dante has worked internationally with other companies such as The Public Theater, Virgin Voyages, Lantern Theater Company, Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival, FoolsFury, The Assembly,  and others. Instagram: @dantemgreen

[Dante's] writing is excellent. Fluid, fresh dialogue, a gorgeous musical sensibility, and a kindness and gentle love of humanity that permeates the work.” - Laura Hall

— Uproar Theatrics